Bull Riding Videos

Jim Boyz 4th Annual Bull Riding Challenge

Jim Boyz host their 4th Annual Bull Riding Challenge at Pinon Community Arena. Saturday Afternoon. August 12th 2017. Pinon AZ.

The Best Bull Rider of All Time: J.B. Mauney

He’s changing the game. He does things no one else does. There’s not a title in the world that he can’t win. The best bull rider in the world, J.B. Mauney is a throwback cowboy from Moorseville, North Carolina. VICE Sports traveled with J.B. to check out his atypical workouts, his superior technique and unrivaled work ethic that has taken him to unprecedented ground in the bull riding community.

Worst Bull Riding Wrecks

Top 25 NFR Bull Rides

This video shows MY top 25 NFR bull rides from 1991 through 2012. I do not have videos of the NFR before this time period. Therefore, I hope you don’t think these rides are of the whole history of the NFR.

10 of the worst PBR Wrecks

Warning! Some disturbing images in this video. Wrecks are just an unfortunate reality with bull riding. the longer you do the sport the more likely you are to get in a wreck.

PBR 15/15 Bucking Battle

25th Annual WILD THING Championship Bull Riding

WildThing Championship Bull Riding at Red Rock Park in Gallup, NM. Saturday Night Show. The #1 OPEN BULL RIDING in the Southwest is back with it’s 25th Annual.

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