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10 Most Beautiful Horse Breeds In The World

10 of the most beautiful horse / horses / pony / ponies /stallion / stallions breeds / breed in the world.

8 Most Beautiful Horses on Planet Earth

These are the top 10 best looking most beautiful horse breeds in the world.

Amazing Galloping Horses


Liberty with 3 horses – Sylvia Zerbini

A ninth generation performer, Sylvia Zerbini has captivated audiences across the globe since the age of five. Her father, a wild animal trainer, and her mother, a famous trapeze artist, allowed Sylvia to ultimately nurture her true passion, working with her family’s horses. Blessed with a gift for reading horses, Sylvia professionally trained and performed with horses at liberty while still a young teen.

Top 10 Biggest Horse Breeds in the World

World’s RAREST Horse Breeds Ever!

Check out the world’s rarest horse breeds ever! From amazing and expensive horses to the most beautiful and biggest horses, check out this top 10 list of rarest horses on earth!

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