Rodeo Videos

Saddle Broncs – 2018 Will Rogers Range Riders

Saddle Broncs event on the opening night of the Will Rogers Range Riders Rodeo July 5, 2018, in Amarillo, Texas.

Houston Rodeo Professional Cutting

Be sure and stay until the end to see the best performance! Professional cutting horse competition during the Houston Rodeo and world BBQ championships on February 25th, 2011 in Houston Texas. This rider scored a 220.5 on a three judge panel.

A visit to a prison rodeo

Angola State Prison in Louisiana has been called one of the most notorious maximum security prisons in the country. Lee Cowan finds that for some inmates, a break in the monotony of doing hard time comes from performing in a prison rodeo.

Meet the 10-Year-Old Rodeo Pro

As far as he can remember, 10-year-old Pecos Tatum wanted to be a cowboy. His parents, who come from a long line of rodeo cowboys and cowgirls, are guiding him every step of the way. But it’s a way of life that is quickly disappearing. Follow a family as they fight to remain cowboys.

She ropes Too GOOD for SCHOOL

Reed and the crew are breaking in the cattle he bought just the other day. It’s the first day with the new lead ups.

Arlington Rodeo, Arlington, Oregon

A friend brought me along to the town of Arlington for a rodeo. It was the most entertaining event and friendly crowd one could ask for.


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